Understanding the Difference Between Ditto Music and Unchained Music for Music Distribution

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July 7, 2023
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A Comprehensive Comparison of Music Distribution via Ditto Music and Unchained Music, Providing Essential Information to Empower Independent Musicians in Making Informed Decisions.

Every independent musician, at some point, finds themselves musing over which music aggregator to choose for their music distribution. Aggregators play a crucial role in music management, revenue generation, and ensuring your songs permeate music stores and streaming services. This comprehensive comparison article will spotlight two prevalent music distribution platforms: Ditto Music and Unchained Music.

The Role of Music Aggregators in Getting Music to Apple Music, Spotify, and Other Streaming Platforms

Music aggregators bridge the gap between musicians and music stores or digital distribution platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. By mirroring your uploaded tracks across these platforms, a music distribution service such as Ditto Music and Unchained Music simplify music distribution, tackle legalities, present data analytics, and manage your royalties and other revenues. Without setting up your own label, aggregators are a necessity for distributing music on digital platforms.

An Overview of Ditto Distribution

Ditto Music is a reputable music distribution service, trusted by famous artists like Ed Sheeran. Although there were past complaints about customer service, Ditto Music has now vastly improved and boasts a user base of over 700,000. Its growth, new features, and similar subscription plans to Unchained Music make it a worthy competitor.

An Overview of Unchained Music

Unchained Music is a music distribution service that allows artists to release unlimited music to all major streaming platforms for free. Unchained music boasts better customer service than other music distribution services, as well as being the only free music distribution service to allow an independent artist to release unlimited music to Spotify, Apple Music, and other services.

Pricing Models

Ditto Music and Unchained Music work based on a fixed fee business model, allowing you to release unlimited songs for an annual subscription. In terms of pricing, both platforms are competitive, offering similar plans that cater to independent artists that are looking to release unlimited music, bands, and record labels. Remember, cancelling your subscription may lead to the removal of your songs from these platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

The Artist plan for Ditto Music is quite affordable, costing just €19 per year and offering unlimited songs. For multiple artists, there's a Professional plan at €29 per year, and for a record label, the fee is €69 per year.

Importantly, Ditto Music provides an opportunity to test the waters with a 30-day free trial. You can simply subscribe, navigate the platform, and decide whether it suits your needs.

Unchained Music offers an incredible deal with its Core tier being completely free of charge. For those managing multiple artists beyond the two included with the core tier, their are other plans rolling out soon.

It's worth emphasizing that Unchained Music allows you to evaluate their platform without any financial risk. Simply subscribe, explore the features and services, and determine if it fits your needs.

Compared to Ditto Music, Unchained's music distribution platform is a better value for those just starting out in the music industry.

Distribution to Major Streaming Platforms

By subscribing to Ditto Music or Unchained Music, your music becomes accessible across all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music, including social networks. Moreover, both Ditto Music and Unchained Music have the Chinese market covered, which could be an important factor for some artists.

Release Speed

The release speed of music distribution platforms pertains to the duration between when an artist or label submits their music to the platform and when that music becomes available for streaming or download on various services such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music. This speed is a significant aspect of the service that distribution platforms provide, and the time frames can vary significantly between platforms. Two of these platforms, Ditto Music and Unchained Music, have their unique parameters concerning release speed, which will be elucidated further.

Why is this release speed so important for artists and labels? Several reasons make this an area of concern.

Planning and Promotion

Music releases are typically accompanied by carefully crafted promotional campaigns. These campaigns can include social media advertising, press releases, radio promotion, and more. The release speed of the distribution platform can significantly affect the timing of these promotions. If the music isn't available when the promotional activities commence, it can lead to missed opportunities and ineffective campaigns. It can also disrupt the momentum of a release, leading to decreased visibility and potential revenue loss.

Chart Eligibility

In some regions, chart eligibility is determined within a set time frame from the date of release. A delay in the release of music can potentially exclude a song or album from chart consideration, which could be a significant loss for artists and labels, especially if the release is anticipated to perform well.

Revenue Generation

The sooner music is available on streaming platforms, the sooner it can start generating revenue. Delays in release speed can lead to delayed income for artists and labels. This can be especially critical for independent artists or smaller labels operating with tight budgets.

Competition and Relevance

In the fast-paced music industry, being relevant and staying ahead of the competition is key. Any delays in release speed can mean the music is old news by the time it hits the platforms, giving competitors an edge.

Fan Engagement

If fans are expecting a release on a certain date and it doesn't appear due to distribution delays, it can lead to disappointment and frustration, impacting the artist's relationship with their audience.

Royalty Payments and Revenue

Ditto Music and Unchained Music promise to pay 100% of your royalties. However, while Unchained music doesn't charge for their base tier, Ditto Music does, leaving the artist out of pocket before they see a cent of royalty revenue.

Additional Features on Each Platform

When choosing a music distribution platform, the unique features provided by each service often play a crucial role in an artist's decision. The benefits and drawbacks of these features can significantly impact an artist's experience, exposure, and potential for revenue.

Ditto Music: Known for its YouTube content ID service, Ditto Music offers artists a way to monetize their music on one of the world's most popular video platforms. By identifying and claiming their content, artists can earn revenue each time their music is used in a video on YouTube, regardless of who uploaded it. This feature provides an additional income stream and helps protect an artist's copyright. Other notable services include analytics support, social media promotion, and pre-save campaigns, providing comprehensive support for artists' promotional needs.

Unchained Music: In addition to a similar YouTube content ID service, Unchained Music boasts a variety of advanced features that take music distribution to the next level.

  1. AI Mixing and Mastering Platform: Unchained Music provides an artificial intelligence-powered mixing and mastering platform. This feature allows artists to fine-tune their tracks to professional standards without the need for costly studio sessions. The AI understands various musical components and optimizes them to create a balanced, high-quality sound.
  2. Playlisting Platform: Unchained Music offers a unique platform that assists artists in getting their music on popular playlists, increasing their visibility and potential for discovery by new listeners. By effectively targeting the most suitable playlists for a specific track or album, artists can reach a wider audience and enhance their fan base.
  3. Label Services: Unchained Music provides comprehensive label services, offering support in areas such as marketing, promotion, and copyright management. These services help artists navigate the often complex music industry, enhancing their potential for success without compromising their creative freedom.
  4. Artist Royalty Advances: Recognizing that financial constraints can often hinder an artist's progress, Unchained Music offers artist advances. This service provides artists with the necessary funding to invest in their music, whether it be for production, marketing, or touring. These advances can be especially beneficial for independent artists, offering them the financial support they need to grow.

Ditto Music Review vs. Unchained Music Review

The services offered by both Ditto Music and Unchained Music hold substantial value for artists. Each platform provides a variety of features that can bolster an artist's reach, revenue, and rights protection. However, a closer comparison reveals that Unchained Music might hold an upper hand in meeting the diverse needs of today's artists.

While Ditto Music provides a robust service, especially with its YouTube content ID and various promotional support, Unchained Music seems to offer a more comprehensive package. The platform not only matches Ditto's offerings but goes a step further with its innovative AI mixing and mastering platform, a dedicated playlisting platform, comprehensive label services, and the offering of artist advances.

These additional features from Unchained Music can significantly enhance an artist's potential for success by addressing crucial areas such as sound quality, audience reach, industry navigation, and financial support. For artists looking to leverage the most advanced technology and comprehensive services in distributing their music, Unchained Music presents a compelling choice.


What are the key features of Ditto Music?

Ditto offers a range of features including global distribution to all major platforms, royalty management, quick payment turnaround, and additional services like publishing royalties collection for a small percentage of the profits.

How does Unchained Music differ from Ditto?

While Unchained Music and Ditto offer similar features, there might be differences in areas such as distribution reach, release speed, royalty payment frequency, and customer service. Specific information about Unchained Music's services are covered above.

Are there any benefits of using Ditto over Unchained Music for reaching the Chinese market?

Yes, Ditto has an edge when it comes to covering the Chinese market, which can be a significant benefit for artists looking to reach that audience.

What happens to my music if I cancel my subscription with Ditto or Unchained Music?

If you cancel your subscription with Ditto or Unchained Music, your songs might be removed from the platforms they were distributed to. It is essential to consider this before deciding to end your subscription.

Do Ditto and Unchained Music pay 100% royalties to artists?

Yes, both Ditto and Unchained Music claim to pay 100% of your royalties. However, payment frequency may vary between the platforms.

Does Unchained Music allow you to release unlimited music?

Yes, Unchained Music allows you to release music online to to major streaming platforms. The distribution platform allows unlimited releases from multiple artists.




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