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Playlist Submission and A+R FAQ

How does the A&R feedback work and how detailed will it be?


Our A&R feedback is a comprehensive evaluation of your track from industry professionals who will provide constructive critique on production quality, songwriting, and overall sound.

We will generally not comment on whether or not we personally like the track, but rather on objective elements that will help you improve in your future productions.

What is a "Professional Standard"?


While a "professional standard" is subjective, our A+R team considers the following elements when considering whether to support a release:

Quality of Sound Recording:

The recording itself should be of high quality, unless done for artistic effect. The individual stems should be free of unwanted ambient noise. Are recorded elements (vocals/instruments/etc) recorded in a manner that captures their quality?

Mixing and Mastering:

There should be a good balance between the different elements in the mix. The final audio should not be over-compressed or over-equalized. The loudness should be consistent throughout the track and in line with industry standards, such as the LUFS (Loudness Units relative to Full Scale) standard.


The performance should be technically proficient. The tempo and pitch should be consistent unless variance is intentionally used for artistic effect. The songwriting and lyrics should be effective to the intended audience.


The use of professional software for mixing and mastering. Clean editing without audible artifacts or errors. Proper use of effects, panning, and automation when necessary.

Artistic Integrity:

The track should be representative of the artist's vision. The recording should respect the song's composition and arrangement, and the arrangement should make sense to your listener.

Legal and Ethical Standards:

Proper credits to all contributors and roles involved in the recording process. We will generally not include AI tracks or tracks that use AI Cloning Voice Models without consent of the original artist.

File Formats:

High-quality file formats such as WAV or FLAC for lossless audio.Adherence to the standard of metadata tagging.


Does the cover art reflect the artistic vision of the artist, and does the artist appropriately name their tracks in line with that vision?

What happens if my track isn't selected for inclusion in our playlisting system?


In case your track isn't selected, you'll get clear, constructive feedback about why your release didn't make it and how you can enhance it for better chances in the future.

What happens if my track is selected for our playlisting system?


If your track is selected for inclusion in our playlisting system, we will add it for a period of two months. While inside the system, it will be pitched to playlists that match stylistic and genre traits of your music, including genre, energy, and mood level.

What genres of music do you accept and feature on your playlists?


Our platform is genre-inclusive. We believe in celebrating the diversity of music, hence we feature all genres in our playlists.

That being said, mainstream genres have more playlists available, so if you're making an extremely niche genre, you should consider the reach of your genre before submitting to the A+R and playlisting platform.

How long will my track be featured a the playlist if selected?


This is up to each playlist curator. We will keep the track, once selected, in the system for two months, allowing the track the opportunity to be picked up over that period of time.

How do you match my track to a playlist?


We match your track to playlists based on objective measurements, including genre, tempo, liveness, and other DSP-performed assessments. This ensures your track reaches the most relevant and engaged audience for you, specifically.

Do you guarantee streams?


We do not guarantee streams and we do not guarantee adds to any playlists. If your track passes our quality control and we think it'll get picked up by our network, we will add it to our playlist system and do our best to pitch it to a variety of curators that have independent Spotify playlists.

We cannot control whether those curators will accept or add your tracks to their playlists, but we can guarantee that they are listened to and considered for inclusion.