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We're Supporting Select Artists and Indie Labels on Unchained Music.

Providing digital marketing, content creation, A&R and playlisting.

Marketing takes time - too much of it for many artists and labels.

That's why we are working with select artists and indie labels to provide what they need to get their music seen and heard - marketing support, content creation (IG, TikTok and Youtube) and playlisting as part of our artists services packages.

So you can focus on what's most important - the music itself.

Content & Creative Direction

Music videos/visualisers, art direction, creative strategy

See below for examples of what our team has created while developing the Unchained Label services division.

Our A&R team can help you develop your sound & your brand

Our network of producers & songwriters can connect you to your next collaborator.

Our experienced team will work with you on your sound and strategy to bring your music to its next natural level. All label and artist services packages are custom to you and your needs as an independent musician or record label

Global PR & Digital Marketing

We can help you get your music infront of the right audience.

Your fans our out there. We can help you find them. We can manage strategic PR and Digital campaigns for your record label or help you to get you in front of the the right audience.

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Artist / Label Services FAQ

Who is label and artist services for?


Professional musicians and labels looking for a dedicated team who can look after their marketing and assist with creative direction.

How much does this cost?


Pricing is on a case-by-case basis. We're happy to chat so do get in touch. A record label level of support will generally be higher than an individual artist.

What can you do for my music?


We're here to take your content, marketing and creative direction to the next level. That might be a social media package with eyes on growth and audience building, developing a visual identity and direction, planning a music video - anything to help get your music out into the world define you as an artist.

Why would I partner with Unchained Music?


We have a highly skilled team who have a track record of creating great work. Unchained Music's mission statement is to power indepedent music - as an indedepent artist or lable, this is what we can do for you.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help take you to the next level, get in touch.