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June 8, 2023
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Music streaming services like Spotify are more popular than ever. This blog post will guide you on how to get your music lyrics to Spotify in 2023.

Music streaming services like Spotify are more popular than ever. Now, with Spotify's real-time lyrics feature launched in 26 markets globally, artists are exploring ways to provide a more engaging listening experience. This blog post will guide you on how to get your music lyrics to Spotify in 2023.

What are Spotify Lyrics?

Spotify lyrics is a feature that displays the lyrics of a track within the Spotify app, creating a deeper connection between the artist and their fans. Since the user does not need to separately search for the lyrics, they are more likely to deeply connect with the song.

This feature is complemented by the 'Behind the Lyrics' feature, which showcases the meaning behind lyrics or interesting stories about the song's production.

In certain countries, Spotify also offers a nearly karaoke-like experience by presenting the lyrics in sync with the music. However, lyrics aren't available for all tracks, so read on below to take the steps to ensure your lyrics reach your fans.

Why should I get my Lyrics to Spotify?

Music, at its core, is a form of communication. Lyrics add depth to a song, resonating with listeners on a personal level. They help express the themes, emotions, and stories that a melody alone might not fully capture. This is why it is a great idea to get your lyrics to Spotify.

Enhancing User Engagement

When you publish your lyrics on Spotify, it can increase listener engagement. Users are more likely to spend time with a track if they can follow along with the lyrics, contributing to increased streaming numbers.

Providing a Karaoke-like Experience

In markets where the feature is available, Spotify provides real-time lyrics that sync with the music, offering a near karaoke-like experience. This interactive feature enhances listener enjoyment and could potentially make your track more memorable to the audience.

Exploring the Song’s Meaning

Some listeners love to delve deep into the meaning of a song, and having the lyrics readily available aids in this exploration. Plus, platforms like Genius allow artists to annotate their lyrics, providing context and background that might otherwise go unnoticed. This added depth can lead to a deeper connection between you and your listeners.

Increasing Your Visibility

When your lyrics are available on Spotify, it increases your chances of appearing in search results when users search for specific lyrics. This is a great way to gain visibility and reach potential new fans who might be searching for a lyric they heard elsewhere.

Global Reach

By providing your lyrics, you're making your music more accessible to non-native English speakers or those hard of hearing. In turn, this can expand your music's reach to a global audience.

So, whether you're looking to increase engagement, deepen your connection with your listeners, or extend your reach, adding your lyrics to Spotify is a step in the right direction.

How to get your lyrics to Spotify

1. Make sure your music is on Spotify

Before your lyrics can reach your audience, your music needs to be available on Spotify. Using a music distribution service like Unchained Music, Distrokid, CD Baby, AWAL, or Amuse, you can distribute your tracks to all major streaming providers for a small fee. These platforms serve as your bridge to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, and beyond.

2. Choose a Lyrics Service

Once your music is on Spotify, the next step is to decide which service to use for your lyrics. Historically, two major players, Genius and Musixmatch, have been known to provide lyrics for streaming platforms.

Genius offers a tried-and-tested service, but it may take longer to get your lyrics on Spotify as they don't integrate directly with music distributors. 

On the other hand, Musixmatch integrates well with music distributors, ensuring faster delivery of your lyrics to Spotify and other platforms. Additionally, Musixmatch uniquely provides the option to sync your lyrics in time with your song - giving the karaoke-like experience mentioned earlier. 

3. Uploading Lyrics via Genius

Here's how you can get your lyrics on Spotify using Genius:

  1. Register an account with Genius
  2. Verify your account
  3. Upload your full lyrics and add annotations

Do note that even after completing these steps, your lyrics might not show on Spotify immediately.

The additional 'Behind the Lyrics' feature requires some extra steps, as laid out by Genius in this post:

  • The song(s) must be on Genius with easy to read and clear lyrics as per the Genius official lyrics guide
  • Songs must have Verified Annotations (more information here)
  • There needs to be “Significant Traction” or a high number of streams behind the song. 

4. Uploading Lyrics via Musixmatch

Musixmatch offers a quicker publishing and a time-synced lyrics feature. Here's how to use it:

  1. Create a verified artist account with Musixmatch by filling out this form.
  2. Go through the signup process for a Pro account, including all info required by Musixmatch
  3. Once in the platform, go to Roster and choose the Artist you are contributing lyrics for
  4. All songs with missing lyrics will be displayed, alongside the lyrics that can be synced
  5. Click a song to add lyrics
  6. Once you are happy with the lyrics and sync, you can click send in the top right corner.

If all has come in correctly, your lyrics should be published on all streaming platforms within a few hours.

Additionally, Musixmatch also offers a time-syncing feature.

To sync your lyrics in time with your song, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the same portal as above
  2. On the top panel, click “sync”
  3. Follow the steps to sync your lyrics to your music
  4. Once you are happy with where they are sitting, click send on the top right.

This feature is not available in every country. However, entering your lyrics into Musixmatch ensures that your music is accessible in markets that support the feature.


Getting your lyrics on Spotify enhances user engagement on the platform and should definitely be part of your Spotify promotion plan. The process may seem intricate, but with platforms like Genius and Musixmatch, it has become relatively more manageable. Remember, the more your fans engage with your music, the more chance for success you will have as an artist.


1. Can I display my lyrics on other platforms like Apple Music or Amazon Music?

Yes, music distribution services distribute your tracks to all major streaming providers, which include Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

2. What does it mean to sync my lyrics in time with my song?

This means that as your song plays, the lyrics will appear in sync with the music, providing a near karaoke-like experience.

3. Will my lyrics appear instantly on Spotify after uploading them on Genius or Musixmatch?

On Genius, it may take several days for your lyrics to appear. On Musixmatch, your lyrics should be published on all streaming platforms within a few hours.

For more tips on improving your Spotify presence, take a look at how to add a canvas to Spotify.

4. What does "Significant traction" mean?

"Significant traction" refers to gaining considerable attention or popularity, especially in terms of digital content like music tracks. In the context of Spotify and other music platforms, it implies that a song or an album has garnered substantial streams, downloads, shares, and likes. This could be a result of various factors like effective marketing, social media promotion, playlist features, or simply the quality and appeal of the music itself. Achieving "significant traction" indicates that your music is resonating with a large audience and is a key factor in determining whether something like Genius’s “Behind The Lyrics” feature will be displayed on platforms like Spotify.

5. How do I get my music onto Spotify?

To get your music onto Spotify, you need to use a music distribution service. These services act as bridges between independent artists or labels and music streaming platforms like Spotify. Distribution services include Unchained Music, Distrokid, CD Baby, AWAL, and Amuse, among others.

Here's a step-by-step guide and an article on the The Top 10 Free Music Distribution Services:

  1. Select a music distribution service that fits your needs and budget - Unchained Music has 100% free distribution, while services such as Distrokid and CD Baby charge a fee. 
  2. Register and create an account with the service.
  3. Submit your music tracks along with all necessary information like the album name, release date, genre, and album art.
  4. The distributor will then send your music to Spotify and other selected streaming platforms.
  5. Once your music is live on Spotify, you can manage your profile and track your streams using Spotify for Artists.

Remember, the timeframe for your music to go live on Spotify may vary depending on the distribution service. Always plan your releases with some buffer time to account for any delays.




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