Analytics Disclosure

It is the intention of these models to accurately:

- Estimate per stream rates across the major DSPs
- Take into account fluctuating market share of various DSPs
- Harvest actual and average per stream rates across competing distributors in partnership with AnotherBlock and other partners
- Collate first-party data collected by Unchained Music’s platform regarding stream rates and distribution of market share across Unchained Music’s catalog
- Provide accurate historical data on streaming royalty earnings via release or by catalog
- Provide estimated future streaming royalty earnings based on historical data and market trends

It is understood that, while there is every intention to deliver accurate stream counts and royalty payout data, there are certain pieces of data that strongly influence actual streaming royalty payouts that are beyond the scope of these models, including:

- An artist or track becoming a viral hit
- Individual distribution terms of artists with their labels and/or distributors
- How much an individual artist owns of their masters and songwriting percentages
- Potential strong fluctuation in payout rates
- Changes in the larger music landscape, market share of DSPs, or per-stream rates

Unchained Music will make every effort to be accurate in its models, knowing these constraints are not possible to overcome without distributing an artist or a release through Unchained Music’s platform.