Announcing the Unchained Music Beta launch

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February 20, 2023
Written by
Matt Waters
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The Unchained Music Beta is now live. Apply for your account now.

Unchained Music is launching their beta music distribution app, allowing artists to put their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tik Tok, and over 200+ other digital platforms. 100% Free. Forever.

Driven by Web3 and DeFi NFTs, Unchained Music has created a platform unlike any other legacy music distributors or extractive industry players. This system is accessible to all musicians no matter where they’re from in the world, and brings down the barrier to entry into the music industry by making distribution, marketing, professional services, and worldwide collaboration possible within a tokenized ecosystem.

To sign up for the beta, click here.

The Values


It comes as no surprise that the music industry isn’t transparent, and this creates issues for new and developing artists with the ‘how’ to progress in their career. We default towards transparency for the user and the community whenever possible.


Ever since the beginning of the streaming revolution, the artist’s share of revenue from their music has consistently decreased as middlemen have flourished. We believe there is a balance to be struck between the artist and the industry, and this is why we craft no-loss systems wherever possible.


Music is about lifting each other up. We aim to create a creative and supportive community through the promotion of events focused on artists within the ecosystem, soliciting regular feedback from users, and building a platform that helps developing artists as much as established industry players. Join the Discord Here.

The Process

On March 11th, the team will be slowly adding artists to the platform via email, in the order they were received.

On the surface, Unchained Music’s distribution platform will be indistinguishable from any other music distribution platform, requiring zero knowledge of Web3, NFTs, or blockchain. Users will create a user profile which they will confirm via email, then log in to the platform. At this point, they will fill out their user profile, upload their track(s), artwork, track metadata, release date, etc, in accordance with the content guidelines of each digital platform. Unchained Music will then submit their track for distribution to 200+ streaming platforms and digital stores, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, as well as content libraries for TikTok, Instagram, and other social platforms.

Once submitted, distributed, and released, royalties and payments will be collected on behalf of the artist, a DeFi NFT will be minted on the Polygon chain (only upon the first royalty distribution for a given artist), and 100% of the royalties collected beyond the locked amount will be able to be withdrawn by the artist in fiat. This payout will initially be available in 120 different fiat currencies, in 196 countries across the globe.

The Roadmap

In future iterations of the platform, Unchained Music will be adding label functionality, label services, a peer-to-peer marketplace, as well as deploy their own ERC-20 token.

To learn more, read the docs.








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