Unchained's Crypto Lingo Guide

Web3 & NFT & Music
Updated on
June 20, 2022
Written by
Ryan Ferris
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Lost in a sea of slang? We have a lifeboat for you.

Entering the web3 space can be incredibly confusing.

“Gn fren. Dw about the Bear and the FUD, the FOMO will kick back in soon enough - just make sure you HODL until we hit the moon. WAGMI”.

Lost? Don’t worry. Read on and you'll soon understand.


Stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This is often used when someone is sharing bad news about a project or crypto in general. 

Bull/Bear Market

These are actually old investment terms, but are often used in the NFT Space. A Bull Market is when prices in the market are trending upwards, and a Bear Market is the opposite. A Bullrun is when a project price has steadily risen. 


Fear of Missing Out.  A lot of the crypto and NFT space is driven by the fear of missing out on the next big thing. 


Slang for wrecked. Used when an investment has gone badly. 


Slang for friends. Used a lot in the NFT space. 


Good morning / Good night. 

The Flippening

Hypothetical scenario when Ethereum beats Bitcoins market cap (most money invested in a crypto project)


Hold on for dear life - often used in Bear Markets when folks are stressed and leaning towards selling, but stick around. Probably originated from a typo of HOLD. 

To The Moon

“Mooning” is when a project rises sharply in value. 


A whale is a wealthy investor, holding enough wealth to be able to make significant changes in projects value. For example, if they are holding a large amount of tokens from a project, and sell (“dump”) them all at once, the projects overall value can take a large hit. Whales can play a big part in which projects “make it” or which get “rekt”.


Minting is when an investor “mints” an NFT from a website (and smart contract).  Minting usually costs a fee + network fees, and after the process is complete, an NFT makes it into the users wallet.  

Wen Mint?

“Wen” is simply slang for “when”.  

“Wen mint?” is a common phrase among communities for eager investors to get their hands on NFTs earlier in the project. 

Probably Nothing

A phrase used sarcastically to mean the opposite. “The NFT collection has surpassed 200ETH in trading volume. Probably nothing”.


“Let’s F***cking goooo!”  A term of excitement, especially in the early stages of a project. 


A commonly used phrase in the space to signal comradery and hope. “We’re all gonna make it”.

Make it in this case usually refers to financial freedom. 




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