6 pro level vsts

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February 20, 2023
Written by
Ryan Ferris
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Here are six pro vsts we've found for you - all 100% free.

There are many free plugins out there. But which are actually usable at a professional level?

Here are six pro vsts we've found for you - all 100% free.

1) REVERB: Valhalla Supermassive 

Valhalla created the iconic VintageVerb - a fantastic sounding reverb used by legends such as Disclosure, Chromeo and Timbaland.
Supermassive widens the pallet of VintageVerb, giving options for all sorts of space exploration.

Find it here.

2) COMPRESSION: Analog Obsession LALA

From the 60’s, the LA-2A creates a warm, full tone and especially useful on vocals.  It was used on classic albums such as Nirvana's Nevermind.
Analog Obsession have done an amazing job at replicating this beautiful compressor, complete with three skins.

You can find the LALA here.

3) KEYS: Sample Science Cassette Roads

This is a beautiful, wavy sampler made by recording an electric piano processed through tape. 

LoFi fans - this one's for you.

4) PROCESSING: Xenakios PaulXStretch

Ever wondered how folks slow down music by 800% and it still sounds good? 
PaulXStretch is how. Incredibly powerful (albeit a bit buggy at times) this VST opens up huge possibilities for sound design.

Get stretching here.

5) SATURATION: Softube Saturation Knob

SoftubeStudios consistently make wonderful sounding plugins, and this freebie is no exception. 
Use it to liven up tracks with analogue warm. Don't let the simplicity fool you, this thing is powerful in its subtlety.

Get Saturation Knob here.

6) SAMPLER: Spitfire Audio Labs

London based Spitfire Audio make incredible sounding sample libraries of instruments, including a free offering called Spitfire Labs.
This isn’t just a single plug in, but an entire catalog of sounds that can be downloaded - all sound top tier, and all are free.
You’ll find all sorts of instruments here: Vintage Drums, Rare Instruments, Strings and Pianos - all sound amazing.

Get amongst Spitfire Labs here.




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