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Need more than distribution? We've got your back.


Get your music onto major streaming platforms. 100% free.


Buy, sell and trade unique NFT samples for use in music production.


Access industry leading statistics directly in the artist dashboard.


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by getting fans to pre save.


Learn more about our goals and how we're utilizing blockchain & web3 to create the the next version of the music business.
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"Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. Thank you Unchained for taking the shackles off of the artists, so we can truly be free to create."
500+ Million Streams
"Unchained Music are reshaping the music industry. They have a team with integrity and some truly epic plans to create a global musical community and ecosystem which we are stoked to be a part of."
"Unchained Music has been a fantastic resource for us as independent musicians. Being able to access free distribution and promote our music  with a company that actually puts artists first has significantly simplified our release process and resulted in more splash for our newest singles."
- I.M.T


a model for each stage of your career

We work directly with artists, labels & managers to provide everything needed for a successful release.
Free for artists & labels.
Keep 100% of your royalties.
✓ Unlimited Distribution
✓ Apply For Royalty Advances
✓ Basic Royalty Analytics
✓ Shazam + Siri
✓ Up to 10 Artists for Labels

Take the next step.
Everything in core plan +
✓ Pre Save Links
✓ AI Content Creation
✓ Streaming Analytics
✓ NFT Minting
✓ NFT Royalty Analytics
✓ Up to 20 Artists for labels

Built for growing artists.
Everything in grow plan +
✓ Release Strategy
✓ Playlist Promotion
✓ Custom Solutions
Built for growing labels
Everything in pro plan +
✓ Distribute 20+ Artists
✓ Press Campaigns
✓ Ad Campaign Support
✓ Art Direction
✓ NFT Drops & Marketplace
✓ Custom Solutions


We're here to help in all aspects of your career, from production and songwriting tips, through to learning what's going on at the cutting edge of the music industry.

We break it up into podcasts, articles and community calls to tackle the industry's most important issues.

Episode 2 - JACK PAGE: New Zealand Made Neo-Soul

Episode 2 - JACK PAGE: New Zealand Made Neo-Soul

Episode 1 - REGALJASON: Electronica Extraordinaire

Cryptocurrency: The Basics

Confused about Crypto? We bring you the basics.
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Unchained Music’s Commitment to Sustainability

How Unchained Music sits in the green side of Web3.
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Getting your music ready for distribution with Unchained Music.

A bit lost with how to get your music ready for distribution? We've made a handy guide to help you.
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WMR 009: Andreas from on the future of Web3 Music
Andreas discusses where Web3 music may go, and where major labels fit into the picture.
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June 29, 2022
WMR 008: New World Curator on Culture Creation
Hanifah (New World Curator) of Beats Per Mint Community on the importance of culture creation.
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