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The first accurate royalty prediction software for independent music.

Understand and project your future streaming income in more depth than ever before.

A valuable, first to market tool for pro-tier artists, labels, catalog holders and the music industry.

Forecast your future streaming income today.

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Recent Client Analysis

Bitch Better Have
My Money
The Weeknd

Offset & Metro Boomin
Ric Flair Drip
& Laidback Luke
Weekend on a Tuesday
Alan Walker
& Ava Max
Alone. Pt II

Recent Client Analysis

We've analysed tracks from Rihanna, The Weeknd , Ric Flair Drip and more. Analysis includes:

A full overview of your steaming revenue
See royalties by territory, year and more.
Evaluate your entire catalog
At a glace with our easy to use platform
Understand your future income
With comprehensive projections.

Trusted by cutting edge music companies.

Fractionalized music
Fractionalized music

Royalty Tool FAQ

Who is this tool made for?


The royalty analytics and prediction tool is made for labels and companies that need to predict future cash flow from streaming royalties. Music NFT platforms that offer fractionalized streaming royalties on-chain find the royalty analytics tool extremely helpful in pricing their music NFTs when offering them to collectors, as does anyone offering royalty advances for an artist’s catalog.

What exactly does it do?


The royalty analytics and prediction tool analyzes an individual track or catalog from a given artist and predicts cash flow out to five years in the future. Included in this analysis is an evaluation of the past performance of a given track or music catalog, the performance of the underlying artist, an adjusted per-stream rate per artist based on the geolocation of the artist’s fanbase, what percentage of streams does an individual track have compared to the entire artist’s catalog, as well as helpful pricing information such as a five-year discount rate and predicted streaming royalties broken down by year.

How many year of royalties can it predict?


This tool currently supports predicting up to five years of future streaming royalties. As a given track or catalog becomes gets further from the analytics report date, it is obviously less likely to be exact, since the tool itself cannot take into account a few major external factors, including a viral moment for a small artist, or an artist being canceled.

What are the benefits of using this software?


The benefits of using the royalty analytics and prediction tool include:

- Being able to make financial decisions now based on the future streaming cashflow of a given artist

- Being able to accurately price music NFTs for a fractionalized streaming royalty drop

- Saving time on offering royalty advances to artists by analyzing entire catalogs

- Analyzing relative profitability of various artists by analyzing comparative adjusted per-stream rates for a given artist.

How do I get start to use this tool?


Follow this link to contact a member of our team to find our more about the Unchained Music royalty tool.