How to Create a Spotify For Artists Account: Step-by-Step Guide

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July 7, 2023
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Learn how to create a Spotify For Artists account and promote your music effectively on the popular streaming platform.

Are you an aspiring musician looking to make your mark in the music industry? Creating a Spotify For Artists account is an essential step towards promoting your music to a global audience. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up a Spotify For Artists account and unlocking the benefits it offers for music promotion. From managing your artist profile to understanding analytics and leveraging playlists, this guide has got you covered. Let's dive in!

What is Spotify For Artists?

Spotify For Artists is a free service provided by Spotify that allows artists to claim their Spotify artist profile, become verified after distributing their music through Unchained Music, and access valuable stats and tools to enhance their music career. Any artist with at least one released song on the Spotify platform can sign up.

Benefits of Spotify For Artists

Spotify For Artists offers a range of benefits that can help artists elevate their presence and reach on the platform. By leveraging these features, artists can gain valuable insights, promote their music effectively, and connect with their audience in a more meaningful way.

Professional Artist Profile

With Spotify For Artists, you have the ability to customize your Spotify artist profile, making it more engaging and professional. This includes adding a bio, profile picture, and header image that reflect your brand and music style. A well-curated artist profile can attract more fans and industry professionals who are browsing Spotify for new music talent.

Analytics and Insights

One of the most powerful aspects of Spotify For Artists is the access to detailed analytics and insights about your music's performance. You can dive deep into your streaming data, including the real time count of streams, listeners, saves, and followers. This information, including the real time stats helps you understand which tracks are resonating with your audience, which playlists are driving the most engagement, and how your music is performing over time. By analyzing these insights, you can make informed decisions about your promotion strategies, track selection for music videos, and target audience for ad campaigns.

Spotify Playlists for Artists

Spotify curated playlists have become a major discovery tool for music lovers, and Spotify For Artists provides a gateway for artists to submit their music for playlist consideration. Through the platform, you can find information about upcoming playlist submission opportunities latest tips and guidelines as well as an artist's pick of a playlist or new release. Getting your song featured on popular playlists like Rap Caviar, Hot Country, or Viva Latino can significantly boost your visibility and increase your listener base. It's important to note that playlist placements are highly sought after, and it's crucial to build a strong Save/Stream ratio to increase your chances of being selected.

Algorithmic Placements

Spotify's algorithms play a significant role in creating personalized playlists for users. These algorithmic playlists, such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Your Daily Mix, are tailored to individual listeners based on their music preferences. Spotify For Artists helps you understand the importance of the Save/Stream ratio in getting your songs recognized by the algorithms. A higher Save/Stream ratio indicates that your music is resonating with listeners and increases the likelihood of your songs being included in algorithmic playlists. It's essential to focus on organic growth and engagement rather than resorting to purchasing fake streams, as it can have negative long-term effects on your music and visibility.

Getting Started Your Artist Page

Step 1: Claiming Your Spotify Artist Page

To claim your Spotify For Artists profile, follow these steps after your first release date.

Please note that Spotify will not create your profile before you distribute your first release.

  1. Visit the Spotify For Artists website and click "Get Access" in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click either "Artist/Manager" or "Label Team Member". If you are a label, you will be able to view your entire roster's new releases.
  3. Log into Spotify with your account credentials. If you don't have any, you will need to sign up for the Spotify platform first.
  4. Once verified, you can customize your artist profile with a cover picture, bio, profile picture, and other relevant details.

Step 2: Understanding Your Analytics and How Many Listeners You Have

Once your profile is claimed, you'll have access to more options and comprehensive analytics about your music's performance. Key analytics include:

  1. Streams: Understand how many times your songs have been streamed and use the streaming royalties calculator to estimate your earnings.
  2. Listeners: Analyze the number of unique individuals who have listened to your music.
  3. Saves: Track how many times users have saved your songs, indicating strong engagement.
  4. Algorithmic Playlists: Learn how Spotify's algorithmic playlists work and why maintaining a healthy Save/Stream ratio is crucial.

Step 3: Leveraging Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlists are a powerful tool for music promotion. Here's how you can make the most of them:

  1. Spotify Curated Playlists: Understand how to submit your songs to Spotify's curated playlists through the Spotify for Artists platform.
  2. Building Your Network: Reach out to playlist curators who have already added your songs and establish connections for future releases.
  3. Understanding Listener Analytics: Utilize the audience insights provided by Spotify for Artists to identify listener demographics and tailor your promotion efforts accordingly.

Step 4: Engaging Your Fanbase

Building a strong fanbase is essential for long-term success. Consider the following strategies:

  1. The Importance of Followers: Learn why gaining followers is crucial for sustained career growth and the significance of converting listeners into followers.
  2. Avoiding Paid Playlist Promotion: Understand the risks associated with buying fake streams or paying for playlist placements and how it can negatively impact your music career.
  3. Collaborations and Cover Songs: Explore collaboration opportunities with artists your fans already enjoy and consider creating cover songs to attract new listeners.

Step 5: Utilizing Spotify's Business Tools

Spotify For Artists offers several business tools to help you maximize your music's potential. Here are a few examples:

  1. Targeted Advertising: Leverage the audience insights provided by Spotify for Artists to create targeted Facebook ads that reach your ideal listeners.
  2. Tour Planning: Use Spotify's geographic listener data to plan tours and performances in cities or countries where your music is gaining traction.

Go Forward and Claim your Artist Profile

Creating a Spotify For Artists account is a crucial step for any artist looking to promote their music effectively on the platform. By leveraging the benefits offered by Spotify For Artists, and more features such as customizing your artist profile, understanding analytics, and utilizing playlists, you can enhance your music career and reach a wider audience. Remember to stay engaged with your fanbase, collaborate with like-minded artists, and make data-driven decisions to grow your presence on Spotify. Get started today and unlock the full potential of Spotify For Artists!


Q1: Is Spotify For Artists a free service?

A1: Yes, Spotify For Artists is a free service provided by Spotify to all artists with at least one released album or song on the platform.

Q2: Can I customize my Spotify artist profile?

A2: Absolutely! Spotify For Artists allows you to customize and manage your artist profile by adding a cover picture, bio, profile picture, and other relevant details.

Q3: How can I submit my music to Spotify Curated Playlists?

A3: You can submit your music to Spotify Curated Playlists through the Spotify for Artists platform. However, keep in mind that submissions are subject to review and approval.

Q4: Why is it important to gain followers on Spotify?

A4: Followers are an essential metric for artist growth on Spotify. They indicate a dedicated fanbase that is more likely to support your music and attend your shows. Increasing your followers can lead to better placement on algorithmic playlists and enhanced visibility.




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