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Why does Unchained Music require my tax information?

Last updated on
November 23, 2023

We need your tax information for several important reasons, all related to following the law and making sure everything runs smoothly:

  1. Tax Reporting: We're required to report any income you earn through our platform to tax authorities. Your tax details help us do this accurately and legally.
  2. Withholding Taxes: Depending on where you live and the tax agreements between countries, there might be taxes taken out of your earnings. Your tax information helps us figure out the right amount to withhold, which affects what you get paid in the end.
  3. IRS Requirements (for U.S. Residents): If you're in the U.S., we need specific forms (like W-9 or W-8BEN) from you. This is to understand your tax status and meet U.S. tax rules.
  4. Payment Processing: Having the right tax info helps us send your royalties without any delays. Incorrect or missing details could slow things down.
  5. Auditing and Compliance: As a business, we have to keep our records straight and comply with financial regulations. Your tax info is a big part of this.

Don't worry, though – we take your privacy and data security very seriously. We handle your tax information with great care, following all relevant laws. It's stored securely and used only for these specific purposes.

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