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What's your refund policy?

Last updated on
November 15, 2023

Here's how our refund policy works for subscriptions:

  1. Immediate Access: As soon as you pay for a subscription, you get access to our services.
  2. Refunds for Violation of Terms: You can only get a refund if Unchained directly violates or breaches the Terms of Use.
  3. No Refunds in Other Cases: In all other situations, refunds are not available. Once you've paid for your subscription, you cannot get the money back unless it's a case of our violation of the terms.

Please make sure you understand and agree with our Terms of Use before making a payment. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.

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Response times by plan:
Core Tier
5 Business Days
Grow Tier
3 Business Days
Pro Tier
2 Business Days
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