What kind of 'version info' is acceptable?

Last updated on
November 23, 2023

Avoid adding version info to the track title: The original or standard version of the track should not include additional information like "Original Version," "Album Version," or "Original Mix" in the track title. Do not use phrases like "Exclusive" or "Limited Edition" in the track or album title.

Avoid references to physical or digital formats: Track or album titles should not include terms referring to content that is not included in the release, such as physical formats (e.g., CD, vinyl), digital formats (e.g., Digital Download), or geographic locations (e.g., European Edition). Technical aspects like "BPM," "Hz," or references to video format specifications (e.g., "Video," "Music Video") should also be avoided.

"Deluxe Edition" / "Extended" and "Bonus Tracks": A "Deluxe Edition" or "Extended" release is acceptable when a previous album version exists, and it provides additional material. However, the old material must be included, and it should be indicated as a "Custom Version." Tracks should not be titled as "Bonus Track."

Live Version: If a track is recorded live, it should be indicated as "Live," "Ao Vivo," "En Vivo," etc., in the version field, according to the language of the album.

Custom Versions: To signify that a version of a track is different from the original, use the corresponding field for this purpose (e.g., "Pop Version," "Piano Version," "Rock Mix"). Follow standard spelling, avoid abbreviations, and use proper capitalization.

Clean Version: If a pre-existing version of a track is originally explicit and you have a clean version, use "Clean Version" in the version field to distinguish it. If you have questions about distributing explicit content, contact the support team before distribution.

Remixes: If content is remixed, select "This is a Remix" in the upload form's "Version" field. When a track is marked as a remix, it's mandatory to specify the "remixer" role.

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