What is generic content?

Last updated on
November 15, 2023

Generic content refers to music that might be considered as not coming from a genuine artist. At Unchained Music, we have guidelines to help artists avoid being flagged for generic music. Here's what you should know:

Avoid Excessive Repetition: Ensure that your music doesn't have excessive repetition, noise, sound effects, or other non-musical content. Our platform does not support this type of content.

Use Original Cover Art: Your cover art should represent you as an artist and provide information about the release. Picture-only tracks without release information may be flagged as generic.

Content Checks: Our quality control team may check your releases for the following:

  • Avoiding explicit references to genres in artist names, albums, or track titles (e.g., "Rock," "Pop," "Trap").
  • Not using generic artist names like “Chorus,” “Orchestra,” or “Singer.”
  • Avoiding basic musical terms or expressions that reference instruments, concepts, or structures.
  • Not using expressions that explicitly describe the use of music (e.g., "Music for Sleeping," "Music for Yoga").
  • Providing original cover art, not generic templates.
  • Titles that do not include generic descriptive language (e.g., "Ringtone," "Game Music").

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