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What is Copyright?

Last updated on
November 15, 2023

Copyright is a legal concept that gives creators exclusive rights to their original works. It's important for protecting your music and other creative works. Here's a simple breakdown:

  1. What It Covers: Copyright protects a wide range of creative works. This includes music, books, art, films, and even software.
  2. Your Rights as a Creator: If you create something original, you have the exclusive right to use, share, and change your work. Others need your permission to use it.
  3. How Long It Lasts: Copyright doesn't last forever. Usually, it lasts for the creator's life plus some years (like 70 years). After that, anyone can use the work without permission.
  4. Automatic Protection: In many places, your work is automatically copyrighted when you create it. You don't always need to register it, but registering can help you if there's a legal issue.
  5. Fair Use: Sometimes, people can use parts of your work without asking. This is for things like education, news, or reviews. But there are rules about how much they can use.
  6. Public Domain: Some works aren't copyrighted. Anyone can use these freely. This includes very old works or those where the copyright has expired.
  7. Breaking the Rules: If someone uses your work without permission, it's called copyright infringement. This can lead to legal problems for them.

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