What information do I need to provide in my licenses?

Last updated on
November 15, 2023

When you provide licenses for your music in order to distribute it through Unchained Music, it's important to include detailed and clear information. This helps specify the terms under which others can use your music. Here's what you should include in your licenses:

  1. Title and Description: Clearly name your music work and give a brief description. For example, "Song Title - Remix License".
  2. Rights Granted: Explain the rights you're giving to the person using your music. This can include rights to copy, share, perform, or make new works from your music.
  3. License Type: Say what kind of license it is, like a commercial license, sync license, or cover song license. Each type has different rules.
  4. Usage Restrictions: Be clear about any limits on how your music can be used. For example, can it be used for making money or only for non-profit?
  5. License Fees or Royalties: If you're charging money or royalties, explain how much, how often, and how it should be paid.
  6. Duration: Tell how long the license lasts. Is it for one time, a few years, or forever?
  7. Attribution and Credits: Say if and how you want to be credited for your music.
  8. Termination Conditions: Explain when and why the license can be ended, like if someone doesn't follow the rules or doesn't pay.
  9. Exclusive or Non-Exclusive: Make it clear if the license is just for one person or if others can use your music too.
  10. Jurisdiction and Governing Law: Say which country's laws apply to the license and where legal issues would be handled.
  11. Dispute Resolution: Explain how any disagreements about the license will be solved, like through talking it out or going to court.
  12. Additional Terms: Add any other rules or details that are important for your music.
  13. Contact Information: Give a way for people to contact you or your representative if they have questions.
  14. Signatures or Acknowledgments: You might need signatures or a way for both sides to agree to the license.

If a license doesn't include any of these items above, we reserve the right to not accept the license, and put your release on pause until you provide an appropriate license.

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