What information can/cannot be included in track titles?

Last updated on
November 2, 2023

The title of your albums and tracks should match the cover art information as accurately as possible. Try to avoid additional information in the track or album titles that isn't included in the cover art. If an album or track has multiple titles, separate them with a slash ("/"). Include a space in between the slash: "Track Title / Track Title"

Titles should have proper capitalization and spelling. Titles have to contain capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and in proper names. If a title consists of full uppercase or full lowercase letters, or blatant misspellings, there may be an issue with individual stores. Unchained Music is not responsible for non-standard capitalization causing an issue with individual stores.

Abbreviations. The words "Part" and "Volume" should be abbreviated as "Pt." and "Vol." The titles that require the use of any of those two words should have the following format: "Title, Vol. X" and "Title, Pt. X" (where "X" is a number). You can use either Arabic or Roman numerals, as long as it's consistent throughout the album. Preferably, "Pt." is used for tracks and "Vol." for albums. If you're uploading a single, try to avoid using "Vol." unless it belongs to the real track title. Shorthand attributes for composers or producers (i.e. "Prod." or "Composed by") are not allowed in the track title and may be flagged by our QC process. If you wish to make a unique attribute to a performer in the metadata, please contact support.

Language. The language at the album level should match the language of your track titles. For instance, if you are releasing an album in the English language, the language at the track level should be in English. If there are a variety of languages in your release, choose the most-used language. The language in the track title and the cover art should match.

Don't include links, emails, social media handles or special characters. Special characters (#, @, $, ¢, ∞, ¬, _, +, =, ≠, ´‚ `, *, etc.), links to web pages, email addresses, social media handles or similar networks, or references to commercial content not related to you will generally not be accepted by stores.

Side by side translations such as “Rise 이카루스” should be avoided. Either language on its own in the title, for instance “이카루스” or "Rise," is acceptable.

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