What happens if my track is flagged for unlicensed use?

Last updated on
March 6, 2024

If your track is flagged for unlicensed use on Unchained Music, you will need to take the following steps to address the issue:

  1. Submit Proof of Rights: To resolve the flagging and ensure that your release can continue distribution, you must provide proof that you have the rights to upload this release. This proof can take several forms, including:
  2. Licenses for Use: If you have obtained licenses for the use of specific content, such as samples, within your release, you should provide documentation of these licenses.
  3. Subscription to a DAW: If you are using a digital audio workstation (DAW) subscription that includes samples or other content, such as Bandlab, you can provide evidence of your active subscription.
  4. Purchase Receipt for Sample Pack: If you have used sample packs in your release, providing a receipt or proof of purchase for the sample pack used can demonstrate your rights to the content.
  5. Verification and Resolution: After you submit the necessary proof, Unchained Music's team will review the provided information to verify your rights to the content in question. If the proof is sufficient, they will work to resolve the flagging issue and ensure that your release remains available for distribution.

It's essential to keep proper documentation of the rights and licenses associated with any content you use in your music to avoid potential flagging issues. Providing accurate proof of rights is crucial to maintaining the legitimacy of your releases on Unchained Music and ensuring compliance with copyright and licensing requirements.

Please be aware that we do not accept SongSecure licenses, as they are not proof of copyright ownership.

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