I don't see the track or album price I want to list my music at. Why?

Last updated on
November 23, 2023

If you don't see the specific track or album price you want to list your music at on a music distribution platform or service, it could be due to several factors and limitations imposed by the platform. Here are some common reasons:

Pricing Tiers: Many music distribution platforms offer predefined pricing tiers or ranges for digital music downloads or streaming subscriptions. These tiers often include standard price points, such as $0.99, $1.29, $9.99, or $12.99. These standard prices are designed to provide consistency for consumers and simplify pricing for artists and labels.

Regional Variations: Prices may vary by region or country due to currency conversion rates, taxes, and local market conditions. Distributors may adjust your music's price to align with regional pricing standards.

Platform Requirements: Some platforms have specific requirements or guidelines for pricing. They may limit the minimum and maximum prices or restrict price changes within a certain time frame.

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