How long does it take to make my music available on streaming services?

Last updated on
November 2, 2023

The process for tracks or albums to be processed and made available depends on the streaming service and your plan level. The Unchained Pro deliveries will be processed first, while Unchained Core deliveries may take up to 7 days before they receive feedback from quality control. Once a release passes quality control, deliver is almost instant to stores, however every store has their own processing times.

We recommend that you choose a release date at least three or four weeks in the future so that there is enough time for your music to be reviewed by our quality control team, sent to stores, and processed by the DSPs. Otherwise, your music will go live as soon as it is processed by the individual DSPs, which is typically anywhere from 3 to 10 business days.

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Response times by plan:
Core Tier
5 Business Days
Grow Tier
3 Business Days
Pro Tier
2 Business Days
< 24 Hours