How do I transfer my music from a previous distributor to Unchained Music?

Last updated on
November 15, 2023

Transferring your music to Unchained Music is a careful process. Here are the steps to follow for a smooth transition:

1.) Create the releases in theUnchained Music Platform:

Use the same metadata as your previous distribution. This includes:

—ISRC codes

—UPC codes

—Release title and track title(s)

—Artist(s) name(s)

—The exact same audio files

—The same cover art file

This helps in linking your tracks across different Digital Service Providers (DSPs).

2.) Distribute the Content:

Set the release date to be at least 5 business days in the future from when you upload it to Unchained Music.

Distribute the releases to all the channels where they were previously available.

This process includes our Quality Control and the DSPs' ingestion and publication processes, so it might take some time.

3.) Wait for Synchronization:

Wait until your release shows up online on all channels.

Do not remove your music from the previous distributor until:

You see duplicates in all stores (one from the former distributor and one from Unchained Music).

We recommend waiting up to one week after seeing the duplicates before you ask your previous distributor to take down your music.

Important Note:
The synchronization is handled by the DSPs, not by us. Following these steps increases the chance of a smooth transition without issues, but the final synchronization is up to the DSPs. Be aware that on some platforms, you may lose reviews, streams, or playlist placements during this process.

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