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How do I connect my Borderless account to Unchained Music?

Last updated on
February 14, 2024

In order to connect your Borderless account to Unchained Music, you will need to do the following:

1.) Go to your Billing Details page and fill in the information that is present. This includes your Name, Tax Identification Number, Address, and Company Name (if applicable).

2.) Click "Save Details".

3.) Click on "Withdrawals". It is located under your revenue tab on the left hand side of your Unchained Music Dashboard.

4.) Click "Setup Payout Method", then click on the small button that says "Here". This will open Borderless so you can create an account.

5.) Select whether you're an individual or business, and follow the instructions from Borderless for setting up an account and choosing a handle.

Note: You will be asked to verify your identity with Borderless, and we will not be able to initiate a withdrawal of royalties until you have verified your account.

6.) After you have verified your account, go back to the Withdrawals page in Unchained Music, and click "Setup Payment Method".

7.) Enter the same Borderless handle and email address that you setup with Borderless in step 5. Click Save.

8.) Our team will review your Borderless handle and your account details to make sure they match. This typically takes 48-72 hours.

9.) Once our team has verified your account, we will enable withdrawals. If your account did not pass for any reason, you will receive an email from support@unchainedmusic.io stating that your Borderless connection was unsuccessful.

10.) To withdraw royalties, simply click "Withdraw" on the Withdrawal page, select your amount of royalties to withdraw, and submit the request.

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