Are there any restrictions on the type of music I can release with Unchained Music?

Last updated on
November 15, 2023

Yes, there are certain types of content we do not support at Unchained Music. Here's what you need to know:

Hateful Speech: We do not accept content that is extremely violent or hateful towards minority or vulnerable groups. Our quality control (QC) team has the right to block users and take down content that falls into this category.

Nazi Content: Any references to Nazism are strictly forbidden. This includes Nazi symbolism or content that glorifies Nazism. Such content will be banned in all circumstances, without prior warning.

Generic Content: We also have guidelines against what we term "generic content." This includes:

  1. Avoiding genre-specific terms in artist names, album, or track titles (e.g., "Rock", "Pop", "Trap").
  2. Not using generic artist names like “Chorus”, “Orchestra”, “Singer”, or “Band”.
  3. Avoiding basic musical terms or explicit functionalities in titles (e.g., “Music for Sleeping”, “Guitar”, “Beat”).
  4. Providing original cover art, not generic templates.
  5. Not including generic descriptive language in titles (e.g., “Ringtone”, “Game Music”).

Quality Control: Our QC team reserves the right to disallow the distribution of content that falls under these categories. Content that is excessively repetitive, contains only noise or sound effects, or other non-musical content is not accepted.

Verification for Flagged Content: If your content is flagged as generic, we may ask you to verify your personal and artist profiles on social media and other streaming sites before allowing further distribution.

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