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Unlimited free music distribution
•  Free music distribution

•  Keep 100% of your royalties

•  Over 220+ stores worldwide

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•  USDC payouts (coming soon)

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Whether that's with creative tools, release strategy and sync opportunities or simply connecting you with the right people in the industry - we are here to empower independent music of all forms.

We work directly with artists, labels & managers to provide everything needed for a successful career.

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Recent releases distributed by Unchained
Golden Lake Allianza
Cardios Then 33
Bars & Melody
Yeh Yeh
Burn The Crown
Facetime Love
Bars & Melody
The California Almond
Beacon Bloom

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Episode 3 - SANOI: Melodic House Wizard

Episode 3 - SANOI: Melodic House Wizard

Episode 2 - JACK PAGE: New Zealand Made Neo-Soul

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December 1, 2022
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WMR 019: Kolob, Jason Cline and Dawufi on ETH Wallets as the new Email List
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WMR 016: Soundwaves Photon on AI Art vs Human Experience
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September 28, 2022
WMR 015: Neenyo Elefonte on Sound as a Transformative Vehicle
UM community member Neenyo shares his experience with using sound as a transformative experience.
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September 22, 2022
Unchained Music on Ocean Floor Music
Unchained CEO Matt Waters discusses the platform on Ocean Floor Music.
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